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Tokyo Rumando XX x XY (PRE-ORDER)


Tokyo Rumando (b.1980, Tokyo) started photographing in 2005. Most of her staged photographs are of herself, raising questions regarding identity. She also does her own performances using various media. Rumando is known for her series “Rest 3000〜 Stay 5000〜” in which she immersed herself in the world of love hotels around Tokyo, and “Orphee” in which she transformed herself into different characters linked to her past in front of a mirror. Her works have been exhibited worldwide, including the group exhibition “Performing for the Camera” at Tate Modern in 2016.

The two works from XX x XY by Rumando are her first in a new series of collages made together with an anonymous artist. With Benrido Atelier, these unique collages have been made in reference to Shunga (Japanese erotic Ukiyo-e) which were historically reproduced by woodblock printing.

“I have previously collaborated with different men – classic car owners, Rakugo performers, performance artists – sometimes we photographed in their spaces and sometimes we also played with body painting and so on. This time, I have created a collage series with an anonymous artist.” – Tokyo Rumando

*PRE-ORDER – Item available from May 2020


Tokyo Rumando


Edition of 8 per image


Signed and numbered on verso by the artist




Print Size: 37.5 x 26.9cm

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