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Shoji Ueda "Children Calendar"
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Shoji Ueda: Children Calendar


Shoji Ueda (1913-2000) originally created his now famous Children Calendar series in 1971, using children as his main subjects to illustrate the changes of seasons in Tottori, the least populous prefecture in Japan. The elegant and transportative images in this series reflect the modernist master’s advanced aesthetic and material sentiments.

An invaluable asset to collectors and connoisseurs around the globe, this collotype portfolio was completed as the request of Ueda’s granddaughter Kaoruku Nakada in 2006. Ueda was highly regarded for his skill and discerning eye for print quality, leaving behind meticulous  instructions and guidelines for printing. The collotype experts at the Benrido Atelier were able to preserve his original intentions while adding a remarkable layer of visual dimension.

These twelve 14”x17” images are printed on handmade Japanese paper, yielding rich, ultra-deep blacks and refined whites. Limited to an edition of 30 and housed in a gorgeous hand printed cloth-bound cover, the portfolio will instill a profound appreciation of the printers role in the creative process. This collotype portfolio will be the keystone of any collector’s library, as Children Calendar has become a milestone in the history of modern Japanese photography.




Shoji Ueda




30 + 5A.P. + 1P.P.


Japanese Washi – Torinoko


Black and White




Kunio Iwaya / English, Japanese


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