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Issei Suda: Minyo Sanga & Monogusa Syui


Issei Suda (1940-2019), began his career in 1967 as a stage photographer and documentarist of the avant-garde theatre group “Tenjo Sajiki”, a theatrical troupe directed by poet-playwright Terayama Shuji, later working as a freelance photographer in 1971. His works capture a subtle tension between the ordinary and extraordinary and embodies a sense of mystery in his depictions of the unusual in everyday life. His ability to portray the connection between the inner and the outer, revealing only a fragment of his subjects innermost feelings sets him apart from his contemporaries and situates him in a unique position within the history of Japanese photography.

For this special edition, 6 images were selected in collaboration with Issei Suda’s wife Yoshiko Suda from his series Minyo Sanga and Monogusa Syui

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Issei Suda


Edition of 8 per image


Stamped and numbered by Suda Issei Works




Print Size: 31 x 25.5cm
Image Size: 29 x 22.8cm

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