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Hariban Award 2018 Catalogue


An integral part of the Benrido Atelier’s mission is to support the continuation of the collotype tradition by working with contemporary photographers. The Hariban Award is an annual photography competition that encourages entering artists to reimagine their work through the collotype process.

The 2018 competition was won by Esther Teichmann who was able to spend two weeks working in Kyoto at the Atelier. Four special Juror's prize winners Matthew Genitempo selected by Lesley A. Martin, John Edmonds selected by David Campany, Darren You selected by Masako Sato & Vanessa Winship selected by Shoair Mavlian, and Master Printers Choice Award Veronique Evrard were joined by six photographers (Raymond Meeks, Feiyi Wen, George Georgiou, Bert Teunissen, Joseph Ball & Maja Daniels ) receiving honourable mentions. All of these artists have their work included in this limited edition, hand-printed collotype portfolio.

The jury was comprised of Shoair Mavlian (Director Photoworks U.K), Lesley A. Martin (Creative Director Aperture Foundation), David Campany (Writer, Curator & Artist) & Masako Sato (Curator & Founder Contact,

The culmination of meticulous development and production, the catalogue offers a stunning visual and tactile experience that combines traditional technique with contemporary projects. The catalogue comes in a limited edition of 150 copies, hand printed on Japanese Gampi & Mitsumata washi paper. The master printers at Benrido worked closely with the Hariban Award winners to realize a cohesive and affecting catalogue sure to be an integral part of any owners collection.


Esther Teichmann, John C. Edmonds, Matthew Genitempo, Daren You, Vanessa Winship, Veronique Evrard, Raymond Meeks, Feiyi Wen, Maja Daniels, George Georgiou, Joseph Ball and Bert Teunissen.


150 + 90 H.C.


Japanese Gampi & Mitsumata washi paper


Black and White


WATOJI : Japanese Bookbinding


David Campany, Masako Sato, Lesley A. Martin & Shoair Mavlian


Numbered by Publisher


21.0 × 13.0cm

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