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Charlotte Dumas ANIMA & Stay


Known for her photographic work of animals, Charlotte Dumas’prints were selected from two of her series focused on horses; one created in the United States titled ANIMA features the caisson horses of Arlington National Cemetary, and the other Stay portrays the rare horse breed of Japan.

ANIMA – Photographed at the national burial ground located near Washington, D.C., these animals are among the few left to perform a duty for mankind that dates back centuries. No longer used in warfare, they now have the sole privilege of accompanying soldiers to their final resting place. Dumas: “As I spent time with them at night I felt this was maybe one of the most intimate and private moments to witness: the gap between wakefulness and slumber, a space for dreaming and reverie.”

Stay – Dumas: “In November 2014 I started portraying the native horses of Japan such as the Kiso horse, a breed that was almost wiped our on orders of the old Imperial Army during the Meiji era (1868-1912). All but one of the eight breeds remain in very low numbers. Confined to small islands most breeds have never been able to migrate. In some cases, they have become the emblem of their location like the Yonaguni horse the small Southern island of Japan.”

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Charlotte Dumas


Edition of 5 per image


Signed and numbered on verso by artist




Print Size:
Anima – 34 x 44cm
Stay – 34 x 41cm

Number of images


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